Best BBQ Grill for Camping

BBQ Grill

Suggesting the best BBQ Grill for camping can be a bit difficult considering the different grills available in the market and with continuous improvements by the different manufacturers. Having said this, the choice of camping bbq grill or stove would usually depending on a number of factors some of which are the preference of the buyer or camper, his or her tradition, and of course, the Camping location and regulations if any.

A trip to the market will definitely expose you to a variety of BBQ grills that can be used when camping. In order to fine-tune your search, you need to define the different factors involved some of which have been mentioned earlier and ensure that whichever grill you go for suits your purpose.

Below are some BBQ grills that can be used for camping. While some are traditional and well-known, others are seemingly new but using them is pretty easy once the manufacturer’s instruction is followed.

Gas Grills

This BBQ grill is probably one of the latest grills in the market and makes a good substitute or alternative to charcoal grills. They are pretty much easier to use compared to the charcoal grills and they come with some features that make using the grills even easier and somewhat multi-functional. Some of the features that come with the gas grills include side burners, rotisserie, and multiple burners. It should be noted that not all models of gas grills come with the features mentioned above and manufacturers would usually include some distinct features to make their grill unique and standout from others.

The biggest advantage of the gas grills is the ease. This is in addition to the speed of grilling and the size of the grills. Unlike many other BBQ grills, gas grills you can start grilling in less than 10 minutes and they come in sizes portable enough to take for camping.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills came into existence before the gas and electric models. They can therefore be said to be probably the oldest kind of grills. One drawback of the charcoal grills especially when compared to the newer inventions is the time it takes before Grilling can be started. In actual fact, it takes about twenty minutes before grilling can be started on a charcoal grill. Another disadvantage of the charcoal grill is the difficulty in maintaining constant temperatures which makes it not a very good option for campers unless those that love to dare and explore.

Charcoal grills are usually more affordable compared to other types of grills and it has been said that meats cooked on this kind of grills taste better and are juicer, one feature that might this option a tempting one.

Electric Grills

You can readily know what it is and how it probably works from the name. Electric bbq grill as the name suggests use electricity and are very good alternatives for persons that do not have outdoor space for charcoal or gas grill. This simply means that electric grills are not particularly great for campers especially considering that they have to be used indoors.

The size of the electric grills has however made them a top choice for persons that love to grill though they have to contend with using them indoors. They are also a faster cooking option compared to the gas and charcoal alternatives.

Pellet Grills

The history of pellet grills dates back to 1985 when Joe Traeger introduced it. Like all other grills, the name of the grill stems from the fuel used in operating it. Hardwood pellets are used to fuel this kind of grills just like a charcoal grill uses charcoal. The pellets come in small sizes and can be made from apple, oak, cherry or mesquite wood and thanks to their size, they burn easily.

Many cooks love them due to their versatility and flavors as even the charcoal grills cannot match the flavor pellet grills gives the meat. While the pellet grills might have these many advantages, their price has made many campers and lovers of grills run away from this option.

With the different BBQ grill options to choose from, campers have a variety of BBQ grills to choose from. But as mentioned earlier, the different factors should be considered to choose the grills that best fits your purpose.